Flowers – beauty of North East India

During my time in Darjeeling and Sikkim, I was mesmerized by the beautiful flowers growing almost everywhere.


I visited Darjeeling, Ghoom – a hill station 8 km from Darjeeling, places in Sikkim including Jorethang, Yaksum and Gangtok. During my stay and travel which was mostly in shared taxi rides, flowers were as common a sight as the mountains.

These flowers blossomed everywhere – from huts and houses of common people to hotels and public spaces.

The plants were teeny-tiny in size, often kept in small painted tin cans. Colors of flowers covered a wide spectrum. It is not often that one finds such variety of natural colors at one place.

I was wondering if this beauty was restricted to the places I visited or if the whole North East was a witness to this charm. Talking to my friend from Kohima, I found out that it’s a similar case in Kohima. One of my aunt who has spent some time in Kalimpong, also talked fondly of the flowers there. My childhood years spent in Hasimara in West Bengal, reminded me of the Sadabahar and Marigold which bloomed in the whole Air Force campus. Undoubtedly, the North East is home to vibrant natural flowers in many of its places.

It’s indeed a nature’s gift to the natives of North East India. Beautiful! 🙂