A soldier fighting on the border
With meager supplies and weight on his shoulders
But he keeps battling the enemies
It’s the hope to see his loved ones post the adversary

A mountaineer crawling on the edge of the cliff
Stuck in the unforeseen blizzard, her oxygen subtracting drip by drip
But she keeps pushing through the odds on her way
It’s the hope to stand at the top that makes her stay

A sportsman beating at his craft in the field
Gasping for breath with pain in his knees
But he keeps trying amidst the uproar from the critics
It’s the hope to bag a medal for his people by the blue Pacific

A parent trying to make the ends meet
Hiding his fears and ignoring his own dreams
But he keeps doing the small things day after day
It’s the hope to see smile on his children’s face

A shy girl standing in front of the mic
Filled with inhibitions and musings about what is right
But she keeps trying her best to perform
It’s the hope to touch few hearts that keeps her strong