DIY Diaries

Few days back, I was browsing online to buy a beautiful diary for birthday present to my sister. I found some designs that I liked. But nothing called out for ‘That’s it’. Then suddenly a thought struck, ‘Why not make a diary myself’. (Another way out could have been to get a customized diary but naah!) So I began with left out white sheets of old half used notebooks. I used water colors, doodle art, ribbons, woolen thread and basic stationery. In next 2-3 days, I made 3 diaries – everything from scratch.

Here are the diaries I made in the order of making.

Diary 1:


Diary 2:


Diary 3:


Cutting sheets to make pages of diary was a task. But I loved the outcome, more so for the novice I am with water colors and doodle art. I hope these would make a nice birthday present. Which one do you like the most? 🙂