Young India Fellowship selection experience

I applied for Young India Fellowship 2017-18 batch in the 1st round of admissions. First step was online application. It had questions regarding personal details, academics, work experience, extra curricular and family. It had three essays. Essays were about one thing that matters most to me, my biggest accomplishment so far and things that I want to accomplish from the fellowship. It asked for details of one referee who could either be my Professor or Manager with whom I worked earlier. I submitted my application on 19th Dec, the last date of submission for 1st round of admissions.
Six weeks later, I got an email informing my selection for the next stage which was telephonic interview. I received the call on the aforementioned date. The interviewer asked me questions related to the books I mentioned in my application. He gazed my knowledge about the fellowship program. It was followed by few general knowledge questions about my hometown. The call ended within 15 minutes. It felt more of a stress interview. I confirmed with my interviewer if my application was being considered in the 1st round of admissions or the 2nd round since I received the email from them past the deadline of 1st round. It turned out that this year they had received multitude of applications which caused the delay.
Three weeks from my telephonic interview, I received an email confirming my selection for the personal interview. I had my interview in Bangalore. I reached the venue, an Oyo flat, around 11 A.M. I was given a writing assignment. It had an argument on creativity. I had to analyze and write my opinion on the same in 30 minutes. Almost 1 hour post the writing task, I was called in for the interview. I had two interviewers. Professor Anunaya Chaubey who dons multiple hats – an artist, a teacher and Deputy Dean of Young India Fellowship. He was accompanied by a previous batch Young India Fellow. She was working as a curriculum designer for an organization. 🙂 My interview began with a long discussion over my writing assignment. It led to Professor Chaubey asking me to define creativity. Then we shifted to my work in Morgan Stanley. We also discussed topics around the books I had read. They wanted to know about things I was doing during my sabbatical from work. Few questions were asked related to the fellowship and my plans. My interview got over in less than 20 minutes. I felt comfortable about the interview except for its duration.
Anyway, 6 weeks from the interview, I received an email congratulating me for my selection for the 2017 batch of Young India Fellowship. Happiness 🙂

P.S.: I accepted the fellowship 🙂


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